Canary Tail – Say Goodbye to Armpit Sweat Stains | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’ve never used shirt guards, then you’re missing out. They’re products to help prevent those embarrassing underarm sweat stains, make your shirt feel fresh all day, and even prolong the lifetime of your shirt.

With their discrete light and soft nature, Canary Tail Shirt Guards are your best bet.

They safely stay on your clothes all day, but they are easy to remove at night, without tearing apart or leaving behind any residue.

And they are easy to use, too – just attach them to the inside of your shirt or blouse in the morning.

They will keep your underarms dry, clean, and comfortable throughout the day, and their hypo-allergenic material helps prevent skin reactions.

Now you can go about your day with confidence and, at the end of it, simply peel them off and discard them.

Each pack of Canary Tail Shirt Guards contains 20 pairs–that’s enough for 4 weeks!

Every pair is individually plastic sealed by an FDA-approved supplier, so they stay hygienic and ready to use – whenever you want them.

You can purchase Canary Tail Shirt Guards today by visiting