Biproxi – First Full Business Management Platform for Real Estate Brokers | NewsWatch Review

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It’s no shock to anyone that the world of real estate is detail-heavy and a very involved system with many moving parts.

The fragmentation of services needed to get the job done makes it very hard on even the best of agents.

Well, there’s a solution, and it’s called Biproxi. Biproxi is the first full service, subscription-free business management platform for real estate brokers.

It’s the modern, one-stop solution that empowers every broker, allowing them to save not only time but money too.

Consolidating services onto a single platform, The Shop by Biproxi, replaces the need for a vendor rolodex and other antiquated systems.

This is where you can purchase everything from 3D floor plans to drone services to data reports.

Biproxi’s Marketing Concierge offering includes the creation, management, and optimizaiton of a multi-channel marketing campaign for your listing.

You’ll be paired with a Marketing Strategist whose sole job is to guide you through your campaign with keen insight into your property and target buyers.

Biproxi is Amazon for real-estate brokers, ready and able to make your job easy.

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