MobiScribe – Combining the Simplicity of Reading and Writing with Digital Documents | Newswatch Review

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No matter how digital the world gets, students, editors, artists, doctors, and so many others would still rather write things down then type them up.

It unlocks the creative side of our minds and allows our minds to connect with the material. MobiScribe combines the simplicity and comfort of reading and writing with real paper with the ease of access you get from digital documents.

The anti-glare E-Ink screen makes MobiScribe easy on your eyes and is viewable under direct sunlight and in the dark.


The device allows you to stay focused without all the distractions that come along with a tablet or laptop.

The experience of writing feels like pencil on paper, with the ability to flip the pen to erase and to back up your notes without losing them. One full battery charge will last a whole week.

MobiScribe also functions as an eReader. It’s small and portable allows you to carry a thousand books in the palm of your hand.

For the best note-taking device that you can take on the go, you’re going to want to get MobiScribe.

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