russian bride

European men think that all Russian girls have braids to the waist, stunning rounded shoulders and impressive breasts, they are strong and courageous. Needless to say, most of the foreigners’ beliefs are myths. You can often hear that women in Russia want to marry a rich man and move to another country, are ready to do anything to achieve this goal. There are the most popular myths about Russian brides men believe in.

What Men Think About Russian Women

  1. Russian girls like living high

Lots of men think that girls from Russia sign up on only to find a rich husband. Is it true? To put it bluntly, there are women who want to live off men in every country. But this does not apply to Russian girls only.

Yes, many of them live a difficult life, they have to work, study and earn their living from an early age. But this does not mean that they are ready to live with any man who offers them a comfortable life. For each of them, reliability and the ability to love are the main things in a partner. If she finds such a man – be sure, she will do everything for him to make him happy. Only Russian women know how to love and live for the sake of a beloved man.

  1. Russians are ill-bred

Perhaps this is exactly the impression that people have when they watch Russian movies. Yes, many Russians don’t always behave correctly just like people in any other country. But it can’t be said that Russian girls are uneducated and ill-bred. Many of them get 2-3 higher degrees, build a career and provide for themselves and their family. Given that Russian men are often irresponsible and lazy, girls have to take responsibility for the welfare of their children. And for this, education is simply necessary.

  1. All Russian girls want to leave the country

On dating sites, you can meet girls who are in search of a partner overseas. Does this mean that all the girls are ready to easily leave the house and move to an unknown country to a man whom they do not know at all? Since childhood, girls in Russia have been implanted with such concepts as love for the motherland, family, sense of responsibility. It is not easy for them to leave their loved ones and go to another country, realizing that perhaps they will not meet them for a long time.

If a girl decides to take such a step, then her decision is thought through and she is ready to build a relationship with her partner. It is unlikely that she would go to another country just because she was tired of living in Russia.

  1. There is nothing to talk about with them

You can talk with Russian women on any topic. They are versatile and can spend hours talking about economics, politics, adventure, traveling. It is never boring with them – if you don’t know which topic for discussion to choose, she will find it and always brighten up leisure time. She will watch football with you, be interested in working moments, get acquainted with all your friends and colleagues, and will be in the center of attention at every party.

  1. Russian brides are frivolous

You can meet very different people on dating sites. Often men are in search of adventure when signing up on the site. But Russian wife is someone you should be looking for. These women understand how important the family is and that nothing can be more significant. They are aimed at building strong loving relationships and are ready for anything for the sake of their partner.