Before you get on one knee to pop the most important question of your life, you need to have the perfect ring. A gorgeous ring will speak volumes about your love and commitment. Your bride will have an unforgettable experience saying yes to the man of her dreams and wearing a ring that was chosen specially for her.

The best way to choose an engagement ring is to match it with your loved one’s personality and preferences. It is excellent to know that solitaire rings come in various shapes. Choosing the ring shape that perfectly represents her personality will be an exciting endeavor. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded with a beautiful smile and a resounding yes.

To begin your search, here is a list of diamond solitaire rings for every personality:

  1. Princess-Cut Diamond

A fun-loving woman will fall for a princess cut diamond ring. It is the most-loved shape for women who want a perfect balance between tradition and uniqueness.

  1. Round Diamond

Many women around the world have eyes for a round, brilliant-cut diamond. This well-loved masterpiece has 58 facets that exude a breathtaking shine. It fits perfectly for women who value tradition and timeless elegance.

  1. Cushion Diamond

This diamond is square with rounded sides. Its shape is a cross between a princess cut and a brilliant round cut.  A future bride who loves romance and adventure would appreciate this antique-looking ring. It will serve as a reminder of moonlight walks on the beach or a trip down to historical sites.

  1. Emerald Diamond

This diamond is one of the most one-of-a-kind precious stone shapes around the world. It takes pride in its rectangular and elongated shape. It has linear facets and chiselled step cuts. Diamond artisans painstakingly crop and polish the corners to achieve its unique look.

This cut is perfect for women who have a keen eye for detail and those who love any technical challenge. Risk-takers and brave souls will enjoy having this ring on their finger.

  1. Heart Diamond

Unmistakably, the heart-shaped diamond is a beautiful symbol of love. Brides-to-be who are passionate and sentimental by nature would swoon with this kind of engagement ring. This fabulous statement piece is carefully handcrafted to achieve its perfect shape.

  1. Asscher Diamond

If your future bride delights in Sex and the City reruns then look no further. The Asscher Diamond, debuted in a show by Carrie Bradshaw, features a timeless, vintage cut that appeals to women who embrace their femininity and revel in elegance. This ring, with its 74 facets exudes an air of sophistication and luxury. Its unrivalled brilliance is due to the diamond’s high crown and large step facets

  1. Marquis Diamond

This diamond is steeped in history and classic beauty. This boat-shaped diamond is oval with pointed sides. The design of these solitaire rings is meant to maximize the weight of the diamond. It will perfectly fit the finger of women who are exuberant and larger than life.

  1. Pear Diamond

This diamond shape is a harmonious combination of marquis and round diamond. This classic beauty can have a gorgeous shine due to the combination of shapes – round on one side and pointed on another. Easy-going and peace-loving women would happily accept this ring.

The perfect solitaire diamond engagement ring will surely show the love of your life that you are committed to making her happy for the rest of the life. It beautifully symbolizes your pure intentions and beautiful plans for the future.