Digital Art – Create with Clip Studio Paint


There was a time before earth-shattering innovations and jaw-dropping quantum leaps in digital technology where an artist was restricted by a writing utensil and some form of paper or writing surface. Then the personal computer exploded onto the scene, introducing generations of would-be artists to the wonders of digital art.

Of course, in its infancy, creating a piece of art in the digital world was limited to a simple logo design here and there, but as the steamroll of innovation plowed on, we soon had robust PCs, capable of massive computing and graphic-heavy software, as well as smartphones and drawing tablets that allowed the artist to create masterpieces that were rooted in 0’s and 1’s.

For the purist that sees digital art as a departure from “true art,” there is little to placate their dissention. Though, there’s no lack of software solutions available that seek to convert those purists, getting them to join the ever-growing league of drawing tablet artists who find the medium just as enjoyable.

If there’s any software that’s going to convert the purist who requires a “writing utensil to canvas” experience to create their art, it’s Clip Studio Paint. Clip Studio Paint has arguably created the best simulation for that natural brush feel that artists have come to love, and digital artists often don’t get.

The focus of this unique software isn’t merely graphic design or logo design, as you’ll find with a lot of other apps or software on the market. This one homes in on the creation of digital art itself through drawing and painting.

Artists have their pick of a wide variety of brushes and drawing utensils when drawing on digital paper or canvas. The experience is very similar to the traditional experience but flanked with all the robust features available with a souped-up graphics software.

The powerful brush engine makes it super easy for artists to create exactly what they imagine with incredible detail on any drawing tablet, including the iPad. The additional 1000 materials added to the asset collection every month means there’s no limit to what the digital artist’s imagination can create.

Clip Studio Paint is particularly popular with comic book artists, logo designers and those involved in character design and various forms of concept art. And what’s even more interesting is its appeal to digital artists at any level, from beginner to professional.

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