Texas Electricity Rates – Find the Cheapest with Energy Ogre

Consumer Update

Texas electricity rates, like pretty much any other state in the U.S., have the ability to get pretty high. The one thing Texas has going for them is the deregulation of their electricity market which allows a competitive market that sees the cheapest electric company come out ahead. Or so you would think.

A competitive market is better for the customer in that there’s no monopoly price gouging honest residents who have no other energy companies in Texas to choose from. On the other hand, a deregulated market means there are a plethora of Texas energy companies vying for your money. Customers end up getting overwhelmed with options and possibly paying more than they should.

Enter the solution – Energy Ogre. Think of Energy Ogre as a sort-of middleman between the customer and energy companies in Texas. This “middleman” monitors and curates all the information you need to make an informed decision for the best Texas electricity rates.

Energy Ogre goes one step further. Instead of the customer being faced with a wide variety of options and headache-inducing details, this company handles all of the messy details. They select the energy provider, enroll you in the correct plan for you and your area and then proceed to manage your preferences and automatic renewals. This way you know you’re on the best contract for the best electricity rates in Texas and you never fall off contract.

Being a member of Energy Ogre also comes with certain perks, like custom pricing based on your usage. Energy Ogre negotiates on behalf of their members to try and get rates below the market price.

With a company advocating for you and doing their best to hook you up with the cheapest electric company in Texas, you can save up to 40% on your current bill. This applies to whether you’re new to your area and perusing all the energy companies in Texas or whether you are already under contract.

A deregulated electricity market in Texas is a good thing but only if you know how to navigate the vast array of options, details and fine print. Your best bet is to turn to a company that provides electricity management services. Your best bet is Energy Ogre.

To get started with Energy Ogre today, head on over to EnergyOgre.com.