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A skincare routine varies widely from person to person due to differences in skin, from oily to dry and everything in between. The damage caused to skin by harmful cosmetics can make it even more difficult to land on the best skincare products that will do right by you.

Generic acne treatments and other skincare products right off the shelf may or may not do the trick. Your best bet is to go with medical-grade products that have proven results. There is one line of skincare products that is definitely worth adding to your skincare routine – CYRx MD.

CYRx MD skincare products were born out of a doctor’s desire and passion to help his patients and family. Dr. Steven Cyr is a spine surgeon who often runs up against unsightly surgical scars and has, for years, tried to find the best solution.

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“I have looked for years for ways to minimize the appearance and discoloration of surgical scars,” Dr. Cyr says on his website. “I’ve used Vit E, cocoa butter, silicone pads, you name it, to treat scars. Additionally, I sought products to reverse the aging process and sun damage as well as the darkening of skin after pregnancy that my wife, and many others, battle unsuccessfully.”

This path led Dr. Cyr to seek out research-based solutions with the best in the field. While he was a spine surgeon, he needed to find specialists to help create a line of skincare products to compete against established brands.

Dr. Cyr partnered with skin specialists and chemists to create CYRx MD products that help inhibit unsightly scars, damaged skin from aging and even skin discoloration. The products formulated by this team of professionals are cruelty-free and made without harmful chemicals or common allergens like you might find in other cosmetics and skincare products on the market.

A quick browse of their website reveals a wide range of products that go beyond mere scar cover-ups and de-aging creams. They have a plethora of acne-treating treatments including Acne Control Serum which is purported to kill acne-causing bacteria on contact. Developed with Dr. Cyr’s teenage kids in mind, Acne Control Serum not only treats acne but also helps with post-acne scarring.

Other CYRx MD products that transcend skincare routines include Hair Regrowth Serum, Rapid Grow Eyelash Serum and Sun Defense SPF 50.

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