We’ll are struggling to adjust to new changes that have been brought by the novel coronavirus COVID-19. These changes are expected to affect human behavior as well as the industries. This global pandemic has divided the industry into three categories of losers, winners, and the inbetweeners. Let’s take a look at some of the industries that are still thriving despite ¾ the widespread COVID-19.

Online Entertainment

Leading platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ have been forced to impose some limitations because of the skyrocketing number of viewers. With so many schools, industries, and many other working areas on suspension, people are shifting to live streaming movies on social platforms. 

Less than a week ago, Netflix had to limit the number of live streams to save the site from crushing. The online gaming industry has also recorded a high number of visitors as it is the only recommended way of entertainment.

Online Gambling

The online gambling industry has also seen an increase in revenue income. It appears that many people have turned to gambling as a way of earning a living. There are numerous casino gaming sites that offer games both in free mode and real money. These games are not only fun to play, but also provide chances of winning massive prizes, including jackpots. 

A lot of punters from the UK find CasinoGap gambling games not linked to Gamstop attractive as they are available even for self-excluded users. The fact that you can gamble online using your smartphone, tablet, or PC is what has attracted many people from around the globe. The gambling industry has also incorporated eSports to increase the number of customers.


Many countries are on total lockdown, while others have set curfews to limit the spread of COVID-19. This means that there’s no access to shopping malls, groceries, and any other areas to buy the essential commodities. 

The increased demand for home delivery has seen giant companies like Alibaba Group launch new logistic arms like the Green Channel initiative. In the UK, food delivery mobile apps like Deliveroo has launched a “no-contact drop-off service” to allow restaurants to leave orders at the customer’s doorstep.

Online Shopping

The online shopping industry is thriving amid the global pandemic COVID-19. As people are being told to maintain social distance, it has become hard to visit shopping centres, bars, hotels, or any other areas. The most recommended and secure way to shop now is through online platforms

This has made leading online shopping stores to increase the range of products that they offer. Also, companies like Amazon have increased the number of workers by 10,000 to meet the extra demand. As a fact, some merchants have suspended new orders until they clear standing orders.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have also recorded increased income as many people are now ordering everything to be delivered to their homes. Some of the biggest Grocery stores are now hiring more workers to help reduce congestion and enhance service delivery. 

Though the grocery stores are having challenges with maintaining routine cleaning, they are making good sales each day. Since many people are afraid of going to grocery malls for shopping, the operators have been forced to adopt home delivery services to meet the customer’s demands.


The fact of the matter is that COVID-19 has crippled many industries in the world. However, there are some that have found themselves on the lucky side. And do not forget to cope with your addictions(you could use self-exclusion services such as Gamstop or a lot of others available). This has come as governments around the world are setting up strict laws to reduce the mingling of people. 

While the companies mentioned above are making profits day and night, others in fields like airlines, tourism, restaurants, etc. are recording the lowest profits in history. This is a clear indication that it will take longer for the global economy to recover fully.