OurStreets – Reporting Where Nearby Essential Supplies are In-Stock


In the face of the recent pandemic, many of us are scrambling to find essential supplies.

Unfortunately, that’s proving quite difficult.

With the convenience of apps right at our fingertips, we have a way to work together to make sure everyone gets the supplies they need.

OurStreets is an award-winning, community-driven platform that allows users to report and analyze real-world issues. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve updated the app to include a feature called OurStreets Supplies.

This vital feature allows users to report where essential supplies are in stock. These supplies include things like soap and sanitizer, toilet paper and fresh produce. It’s important that we help our family, friends and neighbors make as few trips as possible.

If they know where to find the supplies they need, they won’t make extra trips to numerous locations, further endangering themselves. It’s easy to share what you’ve found. Just fire up the app and tap what you’ve found and how much was available.

You can even report whether social distancing is being observed in that store.

Once you’ve shared your information with the OurStreets community, you can send your report to family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or text.

To download the app, search for “OurStreets” in the Google Play or App Store today.