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Consumer Update

As a society, we’ve never been more aware of germs and bacteria than right now. We need to take this time to protect those whose immune systems are too weak to combat these microbial menaces on their own.

A newborn baby’s immune system is extremely weak, so it’s important that we take extra care and precaution to limit what they come in contact with. That’s especially true in the first year while their little bodies work to strengthen themselves.

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Baby swaddle blankets are an important part of making a newborn baby feel comfortable and safe, especially when they need to sleep. In other words, baby swaddle blankets and muslin blankets are vital for your own sanity as a parent. But not all swaddle blankets are equal, some are higher quality than others and most of them don’t protect against germs.

Fertelli swaddle blankets are the world’s first muslin blanket that blends organic cotton with antibacterial yarns. This revolutionary design completely reimagines the traditional baby swaddle blanket by making it more than just an accessory, but as a first line of defense against germs.

Fertelli muslin blankets essentially use silver ions carrying nano yarns, blended with organic cotton muslin. If you don’t know what silver ions are, I don’t blame you. I had to look it up myself to see what it’s doing in a baby blanket. Silver ions are an important ingredient found in wound creams and antibiotic coatings on medical devices, and actively ward off harmful bacteria.

Beyond the innovative approach to crafting with antimicrobial yarns, Fertelli also uses organic dyes in all of their prints, making sure your little baby doesn’t come in contact with any harmful chemicals that can cause a bad reaction. Obviously, a lot of thought was put into these one-of-a-kind baby swaddle blankets and keeping your infant safe.

Safety is important, but comfort is what will allow babies to fall and stay asleep. Fertelli understands this which is why they made their muslin swaddle blankets lightweight, breathable and soft, perfect for your bundle of joy. In terms of size, it’s big enough to wrap your baby and even double as a cover for your car seat, bed, stroller or at the playground.

Being a parent is a blessing, but it doesn’t come without its share of obsessive worrying, so I’ll take anything that’ll allow me to worry a little less. You can purchase your Fertelli antimicrobial muslin blankets at Fertelli.online.