The Best Water Bottle for an Active Lifestyle – Wave Hydration

Consumer Update

It seems we’re more aware than ever of the importance of drinking lots of water. Our bodies are made up of anywhere between 50% and 75% water so replenishing it is vital to our survival. I think it goes without saying, staying hydrated has numerous health benefits beyond simply “not feeling thirsty.”

With this increased awareness, many are walking around with a water jug, plastic water bottles or various reusable water bottles. These are all good for hydration but some of these choices aren’t great for the planet or the wallet. Plastic bottles are being disposed of at a mad rate, playing hell on the environment. It’s estimated that somewhere on the order of 9% of plastic ever produced has been recycled.

So, if drinking from a disposable water jug isn’t the answer, what is? Reusable water bottles make the most sense, but there are plenty of poorly designed products out there that’ll have you pulling your hair out in your search for hydration.

best water bottle

Wave Hydration seems to fix all of our ecological and hydration woes with a single innovative design. Wave Hydration is easily the best water bottle we’ve come across thus far with its wide-mouth opening and a single lid that allows you to sip and chug as you please. You read that right.

If you’re the type that prefers to sip their H2O, Wave Hydration has got you covered. If you’re the type who likes to chug like that sweet aqua is the only cure to a rare disease, then you can do that too – all without changing the lid. The king of the reusable water bottles includes a stainless-steel straw that makes sipping easy. Flip it around to the other side and gulp from the larger opening.

The triple-walled, insulated stainless-steel body is perfect for keeping cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot for long periods of time. So not only is it the best water bottle you’ll find on the market, it’s also somewhat of a thermos.

The aforementioned wide mouth allows you to drop ice in without having to jam it in there. Simply add the appropriate number of ice cubes, seal the top and head out on that brutal hike you’ve been planning, knowing you have ice cold water at your fingertips.

Available in two sizes, each with a slim body for easy gripping, Wave Hydration is the last replacement you’ll need for that clunky water jug or sub-par reusable water bottle. Purchase yours today at