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Consumer Update

Remember when your life was consumed by slime? As a kid, slime was just a part of our lives. Whether we’re dropping it on people’s heads on Nickelodeon or turtles were turning into mutant ninjas after coming in contact with it, slime was just everywhere.

The best slime was the kind you could play with at home, spending hours squishing it between your fingers or mushing it into different shapes. So I ask you, whatever happened to slime for kids? Absolutely nothing! It’s still alive and well at

Easily the best slime on the market today, WeCool Toys has created a number of slime products just for kids (and adults who can’t resist). Their ready-made slime for kids is perfect for poking, squishing, popping, stretching and whatever your wild imagination can come up with.

They’ve got a ton of variations on the age-old slime, including different colors, sizes and scents. When I was a kid, there was only one scent. The industrial smell emanating from the slime of my youth captured the aroma somewhere between factory floor and rubber gym mat.

Luckily, our kids don’t have to be subjected to that wonderful fragrance. WeCool Toys has the best slime scents including bubblegum, s’mores, green apple and mint chocolate chip. I do suggest, however, supervising kids that might want to eat the slime. It may smell good, but I assure you it won’t play well with your taste buds. Not that I’ve tried it or anything…moving on!

They have a line of awesome neon colors that look really trippy when you stretch and squish them. These colors include Neon Blue, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink.

For those looking for the best slime investment their money can buy, they should check out the Deluxe Slime Kit. This bad boy includes over one pound of slime as well as eight bags of mixers. These mixers include glitter and beads for you to make a slime creation that’s right out of your wildest dreams.

With the world in lockdown, kids are undoubtedly getting restless, and parents are probably sporting an inadvisable blood alcohol level. I think it’s time to bring back slime. Your family will thank you.

WeCool Toys has the best slime for kids and adults that’ll have them playing for hours on end, forgetting their worries and their woes. You can peruse the best slime collection by heading on over to Tell them I sent ya.