Recycle Bin – Get the Most Out of It with Recycle Coach App


Many of us understand the importance of recycling. We all have a recycle bin and do our part in bottle and can recycling, separating out the trash in the process. Unfortunately, too much of what we do is simply wish recycling. Meaning, we hope by placing certain items in the recycle bin with the little recycle symbol, we are doing our part for the planet, when in reality it might be having a negative impact.

Now, before we freak out that all of our efforts to recycle our cans and plastics have been a total waste, that’s not what I’m saying. Rather, your efforts have been noble and have probably helped, but we could be doing so much more if we just made some simple adjustments to what we put and how we put things in our recycle bin.

You see, it’s estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent sorting and hauling, resulting in some recycling programs being shut down. This, in turn, has a further negative impact on the planet as people don’t have a place for their bottle, plastic and can recycling as well as other items that might be recycled for future use.

Recycle Coach

Recycle Coach seeks to solve this problem by educating and informing those who see the recycle symbol as a beacon for hope that we might reduce the waste on this planet. Recycle Coach is an app that contains all the information you might possibly need to properly recycle. Working hand-in-hand with local governments they ensure all information contained in their app is up to date with the newest regulations.

These regulations might change but you’d never know as there’s been no simple resource for you to access whenever you need. For example, let’s say your local county is going to stop accepting glass in their recycling as it breaks and contaminates all of the other items in your recycle bin, making them unusable. Recycle Coach would include this information, allowing you to adjust the way you dispose of your items.

The Ask Milo “What Goes Where” feature is the perfect guide, providing accurate recycling and disposal information for thousands of household items. Need to know how to dispose of Styrofoam or double AA batteries? Just ask Milo and the app will tell you. There’s even a Calendar that tracks your local collection schedule and any upcoming recycling events.

Recycle Coach will help you make sure that recycle symbol means something. You can download the app for iOS or Android by going to the App Store or Google Play, respectively.