Glassface – Location-Based App to Connect With Others


These are uncertain times we’re living in. The novel coronavirus threatens to separate us and drive humanity apart. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s technology that has swooped in to save the day.

From the frontlines to in our homes, advances in tech have allowed us to do what we need to do to get through this pandemic together. Even social media apps are stepping up to the challenge.

Glassface uses a unique location-based feature to connect users with each other. Before the pandemic, it was just a great way to meet each other, but now it’s a way for us to help those who need it the most.

Users see relevant stories pop up in their app based on their GPS location. For example, if you were sitting in a coffee shop and you fired up the Glassface app, you might see a story initiated by someone else in the shop.

You can choose to contact that person, start a dialogue and hopefully meet one another. This is a great way to connect with those who share your interests and are in a closeby location that really matters. But now, it can be used for something more important.

Users can create “help stories” that alert others in their vicinity when they need help. This is a convenient way for elderly or disabled persons to enlist the help of others nearby.

Another unique feature is that once help is provided, it allows the help seeker to show gratitude by acknowledging the help with an endorsement, which serves as a medal of recognition visible on the helpers profile and can be shared on other social-media Apps.

Maybe they need help picking up groceries or running to the pharmacy. There’s really no limit to the way people can leverage the Glassface to receive the help they need. And for people on the other end, it’s a way to help a stranger and stay connected.

You can download the Glassface app on your iPhone or Android device in the Google Play or App Store today.