Drill in Your Yard with Ease with RotoShovel


If you’ve ever dropped to your knees in the garden and poured your heart and soul into creating a vegetative oasis, you know the amount of work it takes to do it right. It’s not simply a few scoops here and pulls there. You need the right tools to perform the right tasks that encourage a lush and beautiful yard.

Head to your local garden shop and you’ll see a number of tools that’ll help you perform your gardening tasks but look closely and you’ll notice something else. A lot of these tools, like drills and hoes, are the same ones that have been around for centuries.

Take for example the shovel. The shovel is older than time itself and unlike time, very little has changed in its design. There are a number of tasks that the shovel just isn’t right for, even if it “gets the job done.” It’s about time someone updated the age-old shovel. That’s exactly what the RotoShovel is – a much-needed update on the shovel.

gardening tool

The RotoShovel is essentially the world’s first lithium-ion battery-powered automatic handheld shovel. That’s a lot of adjectives that add up to a pretty awesome tool. The automatic nature of this shovel or auger allows it to do all the heavy lifting, giving your hands and your back a break. They don’t call shoveling dirt “back-breaking work” for nothing.

If excavation is on the day’s docket, you know you’ll be able to tackle it with no problem as long as you’re using the RotoShovel. Think of it like a drill that cuts your excavation time in half while saving you from the pain of aching muscles. This drill (shovel/auger/awesome tool) digs holes up to 7 inches deep and 3 inches in diameter. It’s perfect for digging holes when scooping and planting bulbs, flowers or vegetables; digging holes for signs and posts; and planting small trees and shrubs.

There’s a key safety feature as well that helps you avoid any injury to yourself or damage to the handheld shovel. While digging, if you hit a rock or root or other hard object, the RotoShovel will stop. And because it requires you to press the trigger when operating, if you let go, it’ll automatically stop.

This little lifesaver is built to last with quality materials like steel for the auger and shovel and aluminum for the scooper.

If you want to get your hands on the revolutionary RotoShovel, visit RotoShovel.com.