Simple Mobile Payment and Identity Verification with Jiffee

Biz Report

Contactless interactions have become the new norm and for good reason. Thankfully, technology has given us the ability to interact with others and conduct business from a safe distance without causing undue burden in the process.

Contactless and simple mobile payments have been around for several years but have really seen a spike in interest in the midst of this pandemic. Many of us are looking for ways to ditch the wallet and all the plastic cards and paper money that go with them. Businesses that recognize this and adapt accordingly have a better chance of surviving this sea of change.

Jiffee is one of the companies at the forefront of this movement. Jiffee is a white label technology capable of creating a simple mobile payment and user identification verification system on virtually any device. Businesses can use Jiffee to create their own branded simple mobile payment system. Users can make payments or authenticate themselves with a simple tap of their iPhone or Android phone to any device that carries the proprietary Jiffee tech. No more need for the traditional wallet in the back pocket.

This is the perfect identity verification solution if the business sells age-restricted items, because not only can users pay, but they can also verify their age with ease. Say they want to buy alcohol but still maintain reasonable social distancing measures. With Jiffee they can pass the age and identity verification process right from their phone and complete the transaction.

While social distancing is a concern, another issue that we all have to worry about is security. This pandemic has not slowed down the black hats looking to steal your digital information through nefarious means. So, in addition to the contactless feature, Jiffee provides a highly secure process that keeps your information under lock and key, giving you peace of mind.

Businesses can adopt the simple mobile payment system and add Jiffee to any POS system with an affordable and convenient dongle. It even allows companies to take existing hardware such as those found at parking terminals and ATMs and incorporate this contactless solution.

In addition to the easily integrated contactless and secure system, one of the benefits of Jiffee is the ability for companies to design their own live discount and loyalty programs, complete with their personal branding. This allows them the opportunity to compete with larger companies who have the resources to make this happen on a national or international scale. With Jiffee, smaller companies now have an affordable branding solution.

Time to ditch the wallet for good. You can read all about the Jiffee technology and how it can assist you or your business in adopting the mobile-first revolution by visiting their website at