Watch Engaging Short Videos with the Rheo App


While binging quality long-form shows like Ozark and Mindhunter or docuseries phenomena like Tiger King or The Last Dance is immensely satisfying, it’s a huge undertaking that carves out large swaths of your time. It’s time-consuming to say the very least and when you find yourself debating whether you should watch Tiger King or bathe, you’ve got a problem.

With all of this “free time” on our hands thanks to a certain unnamed pandemic we find ourselves consuming more and more content. While there’s no doubt you’re going to continue binging seasons and seasons worth of shows either in real-time on your live TV app or in a single sitting on Netflix, you could also use this time to be more productive or tackle that house project you’ve been meaning to get to. To help you wean off the content that eats up your time, you can switch over to fun, snappier video clips like the content found on Rheo.

Rheo is one of the best apps out there to watch, discover and react to a great short video or other clip across a wide array of devices. What makes Rheo special is the ability to discover content to watch based on your mood. It’s not like a live TV app that inundates you with content all over the spectrum.

Rheo homes in on how you feel and provides videos and clips that match that mood. If you’re in the mood to laugh, you’ll see a number of videos designed to do just that. If you want to learn something, you’ll see clip after clip that teach you stuff. If you want to find music, you can do that too. The experience is practically limitless and gives you a whole new way to digest your visual content.

On the home screen you’ll be able to pick between a number of categories including Laugh, Learn, Chill, COVID-19 and more. Select the one that fits your mood and all your videos are filtered through that category. If you don’t know what kind of mood you’re in, don’t fret. You can just select Mix and allow it to throw an assortment of videos at you.

The Rheo app also includes a special curated section especially for NewsWatch. Click through to find videos that revolve around new technology.

You can download this innovative way to watch engaging video clips on iOS, Apple TV or simply view it directly through your browser at