Make Money Online – Rent Your Stuff with Lend Me It App


If you have a computer with an internet connection (and who doesn’t) then it’s highly likely that you’ve searched for ways to make money online. The days of exclusively traveling to another location to work are winding down. If these past few months have taught us anything, you can work from home and still bring in the cash.

Even if you’re not looking to completely change your job, there are plenty of ways to make money online and supplement your income. For example, there’s the Lend Me It app that allows you to set up online loans and get paid for it. I’m not talking online loans in the form of lending out money. Lend Me It allows you to take items from around the house and loan them out.

The platform is a simple way to turn things you barely use into money-makers. Instead of selling your items, why not turn them into a way to make money online consistently. These online loans could be anything. This can be furniture rental, gardening tools, sporting equipment, machinery, etc. If you can get out it out of your house, you can rent it out through Lend Me It.

Posting your items is simple. If you’ve ever posted anything online on Facebook or Craigslist, then you know the drill – create a listing with photos that highlight your item. You can specify pick-up dates and even different pick-up locations for each item. If someone decides they want to, let’s say, not go the traditional furniture rental route and borrow a couch from you, they can select your item and move to the payment step.

The ID verification and payment process are powered by Stripe. This is the same system used by the big guys like Amazon, Google and Spotify, which should put users at ease when paying to rent an item.

This kind of platform only works by building up trust with individual users. This works best if you’ve got some sort of user review feature, which Lend Me It has. After their furniture rental or whatever they decide on, they can rate and review the experience, letting other potential renters know if they can trust that lender or not.

If you had to throw in another benefit of Lend Me It, it’s that by cutting down on waste by getting extra use out of those items you’ve got lying about, you’re creating less of a negative impact on the environment.

You can download the Lend Me It app on Google Play or the App Store.