Fireplace Innovation with Stoll Industries

Consumer Update/AppWatch

There’s a big difference between products that roll off mass assembly lines and those made by hand by craftsmen with years of experience. You can clearly see the craftsmanship and care in the way it’s built. Those products aren’t mass-produced to fill large market shelves. It’s this latter quality that we seek which is why we hire experienced custom craftsmen for our homes.

Stoll Industries has stayed in business for over half a century, weathering the changing tides of industry, thanks to their dedication to creating all of their fireplace and metal works products with care and intent. Though they’ve grown dramatically over the years, far beyond their humble beginnings, every operation starts somewhere.

This particular operation started with William Stoll when he designed and crafted an oversize fireplace screen for his home in South Carolina. For most, this would merely be a DIY project and you’d move on, but for Stoll, there was a creative awakening of sorts. He had created something innovative and built to last the test of time. This was the spark he needed to start his company that would continue to create fireplace products just like that first screen.

The company quickly become a known entity for creating anything you needed including fireplace mantels, range hoods, cabinets and so much more. With specialties in metal works and fireplaces, they were building out a brand that stood for quality. Deciding on fireplace mantels or replacing your range hood is no simple decision and so you want the right people for the job. Stoll was becoming the company to go to.

As the company stands today, they’ve widened their product offering to include accessories and products for the entire home. They are now over 80 employees strong with a network of over 1,200 dealers across the country. They’ve even embraced the wonders of technology with their new online visualizer.

This offering uses Augmented Reality (AR) to allow users to visualize any space with Stoll products. The user can either upload their own photo of a room, or use one of the pre-loaded images, and then add products to the space to see what it would look like. This is a great way to check out how a product would look in the intended space before you buy.

You can find out more about all that Stoll Industries has to offer by visiting their website at