TV Watching for the Visually Impaired – Vision Buddy

Consumer Update

With endless television shows across numerous channels, there’s no lack of quality content to keep you entertained. Throw in streaming services, and the sky is the limit. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of watching television due to low vision eye conditions.

Of course, there are alternatives to watching TV, like listening to shows or finding some other form of entertainment, but something about that just seems unfair. Thankfully, there is a solution for those living with low vision eye conditions in the form of a cool new device. The Vision Buddy, as its aptly called, was specifically designed to solve this problem.

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The Vision Buddy resembles a VR headset but is definitely its own thing. It’s touted as the world’s first ultra-simple TV watching system for the visually impaired. It’s pretty easy to use. You simply plug the Vision Buddy into an existing cable box or other device from a television provider and begin watching live TV.

The Vision Buddy allows you to watch TV with enhanced image quality and the ability to zoom in and out with ease. Clearly it won’t work for those completely without vision, but it helps those who suffer from conditions like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and other similar disabilities. It’s really the easiest device on the market for accomplishing what once seemed impossible.

What I like about the Vision Buddy is that it goes beyond hooking up to your cable box and allowing you to watch television. The Vision Buddy is designed to help you perform other tasks that require vision. Put the headset on and use it to enhance your vision and see the things in your surroundings. Watch your environment with clarity and zoom in on those details that would usually escape you.

It’s also a replacement of sorts for reading glasses. It might not be as lightweight as reading glasses, but the Vision Buddy has more features for sure. The zoom function alone is a huge leg-up when you’re trying to read it and reading glasses just aren’t doing the trick. If you’re having trouble reading even with the Vision Buddy, you can use the built-in OCR to read text aloud from any written material. Let’s see a pair of reading glasses do that.

Watching TV again is as simple as hooking the Vision Buddy up to your cable box. Head over to to learn more and buy this convenient headset.