Mitigate Social Media Risk with PiiQ Media

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Social media has become an integral part of not only our personal lives but our business affairs as well. A smart social media plan allows your business to grow your customer base and establish trust with your brand. That being said, no reward comes without its fair share of risk.

Anytime you conduct business online or share digital information you leave yourself open to attack from hackers and other nefarious types who want to get their hands on your information. Any social media plan needs to include a solution for mitigating risk, and any social media manager worth their own weight takes the actions necessary to mitigate said risk.

There are solutions out there that allow you to get a rounded view on exactly where you are open to attack and where your risks lie. PiiQ Media is a leader in the field with their robust solutions for social, open and dark web risk scoring. The company is staffed with specialists in open source intelligence, social engineering, risk analysis and mitigation, and are picked from throughout the Intelligence and Law Enforcement community. These specialists have experience in managing online investigative capabilities at major events like the G8 Summit and The Olympics.

Their SaaS based social media intelligence and risk platform, PQ-Risk, delivers automated analysis and scoring for social media and 3rd party platform risks for both individuals and corporations. They have a wealth of products to fit anyone’s exact needs.

PQ-Risk Pro is the only automated, personally identifiable information risk assessment and scoring platform that measures against 20 risk markers across the social media landscape. These markers are created through use of social media. Having a social media plan which includes monitoring for these markers means you can work to keep yourself safe against prying eyes.

PQ-Risk CXO Suite is specifically designed for company executives who are open to attacks based on their online activity. A social media manager will want to use this solution as well as PQ-Risk HQ, the best solution for risk mitigation on the enterprise level.

While a social media plan should include mitigating risks, there are online perils outside of social network activity. Spear phishing is a common tactic for e-mail attacks. PiiQ Media has a solution for that as well. PQ-Spear is the only fully contextualized spear-phishing simulation that you’ll find on the market. You’ll learn how to recognize and protect yourself from advanced targeting tactics in a safe environment.

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