Teach Kids How to Ride Early with STACYC Bike

Consumer Update

Teaching kids how to ride two-wheeled bikes at an early age is a great way to teach them balance and confidence. Young kids are eager to learn and are at the perfect place mentally and physically to absorb new skills. And because there have been so many advances in bikes and other riding equipment, this is the best time for the little ones to learn.

While there are some great training bicycles out there, including the stationary bike, it was electric-powered bikes by STACYC that caught my eye. The company specializes in electric-powered balance bikes, perfect for kids between ages 3 and 8. STACYC is on a stated mission to create the next generation of two-wheel enthusiasts by providing a way for them to learn how to ride early in life.

stationary bike

A STACYC bike is not only low to the ground, making it ideal for little ones, they also provide that extra push to keep kids moving. Having taught my 4-year old to ride a bicycle recently, I can see the benefit of having the bike create its own power so they can focus on balance and riding. This ensures they are learning the skills necessary to ride while also boosting their confidence. A stationary bike will help with balance, but it doesn’t offer the win of riding and is a lot less thrilling.

In addition to fostering the kid’s love of riding, a STACYC bike is a great compliment to your jog or walk. Kids often fall behind on jogs or walks, but if they’re on a STACYC bike, they’ll be able to keep up no problem. It’s actually a great way to keep the whole family together. Get the kids on STACYC bikes and the rest of the family on their transportation of choice and zoom off for some outdoor fun.

Now, these bikes offer three power settings that allow parents to set the pace. This means you’ll have some control over their speed that is more closely aligned with their skill level. As they grow and gain more confidence, you can turn up the power.

The STACYC bike is made for kids, so it makes sense that it’s lightweight and easy to handle. The entire design is perfectly suited for young kids and is a great way to get the kids off screens and out of the house. Beat that, stationary bike.

You can purchase a STACYC bike at STACYC.com or check your local motorcycle or bike shop.