zoom hardware business

By: Nick Gambino

Alright, full confession – I didn’t even know what Zoom was just a few months ago. A global pandemic later, and we all know exactly what Zoom is. The videoconferencing software has made it easy for many of us to switch to an at-home work environment with ease. It’s also allowed many of us to stay in touch and host game nights and such.

Now Zoom is capitalizing on their newfound success with hardware that backs up your newly quarantined life. The new device/system, Zoom for Home – DTEN ME, is an all-in-one touchscreen appliance made in partnership with DTEN and is Zoom-ready right out the box.

The touchscreen edges in at 27 inches and includes three webcams, plus built-in noise-reducing mics (8 in all). The idea is to provide an all-in-one package that sets someone up to hold full remote Zoom meetings without having to piece together the equipment to do so. If you need an example of what kind of problem this solves, there are plenty of Zoom fails floating around the cringe-worthy corners of the internet.

“We see the home office playing an integral role in the future of the workplace,” Jeff Smith, the head of Zoom Rooms said in the announcement. “As video meetings become more ubiquitous, we realized that having a personal collaboration device dedicated to the Zoom platform will provide home office workers with a tool to easily manage video meetings and help increase engagement, connection and collaboration.”

The simple set-up is intended to make it a simple turnkey solution for absolutely anyone, from the freelance worker to the corporate employee, all of who are in the same boat having to work from home. Large corporations could potentially invest in a number of DTEN MEs and ship them out to all of their employees to ensure seamless remote meetings.

Depending on your budget, the DTEN ME is either expensive or affordable. The collaboration device goes for a cool $599 and will begin shipping in the U.S. in August of this year. Europe and Asia will receive theirs in September.

You can pre-order today by visiting the DTEN website.