Best Life Coach App – Burz


Sometimes in our darker moments, all we need is someone to talk to. This can be tough if we don’t have anyone in our life that can readily fill that role. Even if we do have someone to talk out our problems with, there are those tougher subjects that we need a professional to guide us. Some things are simply over a friend’s pay grade.

Therapy can be expensive at times, so that’s not always an option. Thankfully, there are other solutions that are even more convenient and accessible to everyone. In a technological world, there’s a technological solution that allows you to find a life coach at a moment’s notice without ever having to leave your home. The best life coach app we’ve found is called Burz.

The Burz app helps you find a life coach who can talk you through the tough times in a professional capacity. The best life coach professionals around flock to Burz thanks to the easy-to-use UI and the large number of people seeking help.

Help comes in all shapes and sizes and those seeking it have various problems that they’re trying to get a handle on. That’s why each coach has their own unique qualities and skills that are best suited for different situations and topics. A life coach can be found under different categories that include Business, Health & Wellness, Relationship and Spirituality. From a problem at work to the loss of a loved one, the best life coach to help you overcome your troubles is just a tap away.

Now, Burz isn’t only for those looking to find a life coach to help them with grief. Sometimes, people need a life coach to help them learn a new skill. Burz has the best life coach selection for that as well. Users can browse through different skills and select the right coaching professional to provide the expertise they need.

On the flipside of the coin, Burz is also a great platform for a life coach to find work without the need to promote and drive business in the door. Burz facilitates the relationship easily. They provide the clients, marketing and platform, and the life coach provides the service. When a user and a life coach connect for real, honest-to-God help, everyone wins.

You can download the app for iOS for free by heading over to the App Store. Life coaching rates vary between coaches.