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Running is a pretty simple form of exercise and is an important one as well. Cardio can assist in improving your mood, preventing heart disease, and getting a better night’s sleep. It can also be extremely boring when you don’t have your tunes to listen to.

The invention of the Walkman gave jogging or running a much-needed shot in the arm in the fun category. The invention of a portable device to play your music has brought with it an additional problem, namely, where to store it. In the 80s, we clipped our sport Walkman to our shorts or pants. In the 90s we held our portable CD players (thank you, anti-skip technology). In the 2000s we slid our iPods into an armband.

That armband solution somehow carried over when smartphones were invented. Phones are bigger than iPods and so the armband is a clunky, dated solution. So, what could possibly replace the armband? Well, how about vests?

Freetrain Freetrain

The Freetrain V1 Vest is the best way for phones to travel during a jog. Simply slide your phone into the holder on the front of the vest and head out on your run. The placement in the middle of your chest makes for easy access whenever you need it. Phones do a lot more than hold your music and so this is the best positioning if you want to text or answer a call.

Taking things up a notch, you can carry more than just your phone with this handy vest. There’s a nifty little compartment that’s perfect for your keys, cash and cards. You really don’t have to put a single thing in your pants pockets.

In addition to being the ultimate holder for phones, the Freetrain V1 Vest is a great way to make sure you’re visible and seen clearly at night. The high-visibility, reflective print makes you stick out in the dark and helps you avoid any unfortunate accidents.

And, because we expect it of any workout accessory, the vest is water-resistant, allowing you to sweat and endure the rain without fear of ruining the fabric or your valuables housed inside.

Obviously, functionality is important, and this convenient vest has that in spades, but I’m also impressed by the stylish look of the thing. That’s important for me. Yes, I want the workout. Yes, I want the convenience of not having to carry my phone or put it in my pocket. But I also want to look good. That’s not too much to ask, right?

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