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Stevia, erythritol, Sweet’n Low and pretty much every other substitute for sugar serves a specific purpose – to satisfy our sweet tooth without rotting that tooth. It’s no surprise that sugar has plenty of nasty side effects that make it an unhealthy ingredient, but it just tastes so good.

If you search for a substitute for sugar, you’re going to find plenty of alternatives like Stevia that just don’t quite do the job. There’s something about the taste, especially the aftertaste, that makes the natural sweetener a far cry from the delight that is cane sugar.

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Recently, a number of researchers in both China and Japan carried out an extensive study into why people in Japan tend to live longer than most other people in the world. Not only do the Japanese tend to live longer, but they report less cases of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer than any other country. It just seemed like the best-case study to find out what we should be consuming as humans.

This study looked closely at a staple in the Japanese diet – kabocha. Kabocha, also known as the Japanese pumpkin, is a squash which is rich in nutritious ingredients like vitamin C and iron. The research found a wide array of health benefits associated with kabocha as it infuses the body with a direct source of pure energy.

BochaSweet has created their very own substitute for sugar or natural sweetener from this unique Japanese squash. It’s known as the Supreme Sugar Replacement. Not only does it taste a lot better than Stevia or other hard-to-swallow sugar substitutes, but it also contains zero calories and is zero glycemic. Many say it’s the closest in taste to cane sugar as you can get from a natural sweetener. That’s saying a lot.

The BochaSweet brand contains a line-up of products that use this one-of-a-kind substitute for sugar. These include, protein bars, pecan brownies, beet root formula, collagen peptides and a powdered kabocha for baking.

Every one of their products is non-GMO, gluten-free and fits perfectly into your keto diet. I guess if you’re looking for a substitute for sugar, why not go with a natural sweetener made from a superfood. It sure beats Stevia. It’s honestly not even a close match. The BochaSweet taste is way more palatable and the ingredients are healthier.

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