Calling All Sports Fans – Global Fan Draft App


I’ve always dreamed of the day when my obsession with the Giants or the Yankees paid off in the real world and not just in my head. There are a lot of die-hard sports fans in the world who represent their teams like they work for them.

Beyond the joy of being a fan and dumping a lot of money into fan gear and team jerseys, there’s not much that comes back to the fan. There’s a platform that’s looking to change that and reward those fans who are the most “fan-atical.” It’s a platform aptly titled “Global Fan Draft.”

“Put up posts and/post pictures to show your love, support and fanaticism for your favorite team, and have a chance to be officially drafted by your city,” the website reads. “Fans that are drafted receive: team colored apparel and merchandise.”

The app, available for both iOS and Android, has a clear intention to connect fans with their favorite organizations and teams. I’m not just talking about being showered in swag like sports gear and team jerseys. I’m talking direct interaction with their favorite players and teams. Global Fan Draft envisions an experience where a fan is cast up on the Jumbotron or meets their favorite player.

It also offers teams the ability to draft one of the Global Draft members as “the most fanatical fan.” This allows them to engage more with their fans while simultaneously promoting their brand.

Prizes are awarded depending on how dedicated the fan is to their fandom. There are different levels of creativity and fan involvement that are rewarded accordingly. Fans have the chance to post photos and videos in an effort to prove their worthiness.

As you can imagine, sports fans can get pretty rowdy and these posts can go all out. Which is good. That’s the idea. Show your true colors and let your sports fan flag fly. Throw on all that sports gear and fan gear to show your loyalty. It might not be enough for fans to simply throw on their favorite team jerseys. I’m thinking painted faces and screaming it from the rooftops.

You can start by getting your hands on Global Fan Draft merchandise which is available to purchase on their website. Then start thinking about how you’re going to represent on the app.

If you’re ready to join the Global Fan Draft Frenzy, head over to the Google Play or App Store to download.