Beautiful, Mink Lash Extensions by So So Shanel

Consumer Update

Makeup and accessories are a great way to accentuate your natural beauty.

So So Shanel and her collection of beautiful lashes is a great example of how a little touch can go a long way.

So So Shanel was founded by Shanel Walker who, after the tragedy of losing her mother, channeled all of her energy and immersed herself in the creativity of makeup.

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After building a large online following through her popular Facebook page, Shanel began selling make-up and her now-famous lashes.

Shanel began selling make-up and her now-famous lashes. The LashBox subscription gives you the opportunity to try out multiple 3D mink lash styles.

So So Shanel’s gorgeous 3D mink lashes are some of the most natural-looking lashes you’ll find anywhere.

And in terms of variety, you won’t find a better line. They’ve created over 70 lash styles to date.

Each is hand-made and cruelty-free. Unlike other inferior lashes, these ones include a thicker lash band that makes it easier to apply to your lash line and allows for more opportunities to wear.

You can easily wear each one up to 30 times. So, whether you like surprises or can’t decide between all of the options available, the LashBox subscription is the perfect monthly gift for you.

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