SmokeNet – A Secure Work from Home WiFi Hotspot

Tech Report

Robust cybersecurity is a necessary investment in making sure you protect your digital information both as an individual and an organization.

That being said, many cybersecurity solutions work on a reactive basis – meaning they respond to a breach after it’s happened.

The better solution? A proactive approach like SmokeNet.

This highly differentiated solution utilizes moving target defense to remove network attacks while also encrypting data with the same ultra-secure cipher used by governments looking to protect top-secret information.

The idea isn’t just to encrypt your data, but by hiding it by creating a virtual smoke screen in your network. Unfortunately, a lot of contemporary encryption schemes are decades-old and vulnerable to skilled hackers.

SmokeNet is verified to have zero vulnerabilities and protects against emerging quantum computer threats. It also streams key encryption using an everchanging key layering in highly-secured protection.

Current solutions have small, short keys that can be stolen, leaving your data vulnerable to quick and easy access. With all that it has to offer, SmokeNet is the perfect solution for those who work from home as well as small to medium-sized businesses.

It’s also easy to use as a WiFi router. Just plug it in and it connects to a WiFi hotspot – that’s it!

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