Prevent Future Food and Drink Spillage with Stupid Car Tray

Consumer Update

Take-out is pretty much the only available option these days if you want to eat yummy food from your favorite eatery.

Unfortunately, transporting food in your car can be a real headache. Many of us drive around with nobody riding shotgun, allowing us to place items in the empty seat. However, this causes more problems than it’s worth. It doesn’t help that the passenger seat slopes, making it hard to keep your food level and prevent spills.

It’s time to level your passenger seat and get organized with your very own Stupid Car Tray.

Stupid Car Tray

Designed and manufactured right here in the Midwest U.S.A., the Stupid Car Tray is your personal assistant designed to transform your driving experience, and beyond.

Not only does it give you a level surface to place large bags and boxes, it includes notched compartments to fit smaller items like keys, phones and chargers.

Non-slip rubber feet and a grippy outer ring make sure this stupidly easy to use tray stays put and items don’t slide around.

Custom designed cargo straps add that extra layer of protection to keep items in place.
Multi-functional is the name of the game here which means you’ll find many uses for these easy-to-use trays. They also make a great place to hang garbage bags so waste doesn’t collect on the floors or you can hang other bags that you don’t want to place on the dirty floor.

Multiple trays mean passengers can use these trays in the front and in the back, while the portable design allows you to use the convenient tray at home, in the office, and with family. Trust me this is going to transform your couch experience.

The Stupid Car Tray is available in a variety of fun colors with categories like Midnight Series, Tidal Series and Candy Series.

It’s time for less mess, less stress, and more fun. You can purchase the convenient, multi-function tray at