Chiang Mai, Thailand - March 22, 2016: screen shot of Tumblr application showing on Asus Zenfone 2 mobile phone. Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website

Test The Waters

It doesn’t hurt to test the waters on an entirely unfamiliar platform. Your business will be freshly exposed to a new community, which will in turn attract an entirely new audience. What could possibly go wrong? Testing the waters has a number of beneficial factors:

Microblogging: If you are used to traditional blogging platforms, Tumblr may feel out of your comfort zone. Limiting yourself shouldn’t be an option if you are trying to take your brand to the next level. Familiarizing yourself with Tumblr is the best first step to creating a name within a new community.

Utilizing hashtags: The hashtags that skyrocket your engagement on Twitter, might not be the same for Tumblr. You might have to reinvent the wheel with trial and error. Finding what works best for your brand is simple incorporate several hashtags and compare analytics across several posts.

Decipher which post performed the best, and stick with that plan until you come up with something better.

Pay close attention to the tags used within the most popular posts that resonate with your brand. Copy and save the posts for future reference. Utilizing such hashtags will in turn attract a new community of users who may have an interest in your brand.

Engage With A New Audience

Engaging and listening go hand in hand. When in Tumblr, similar to all platforms, listening to your followers is key. Try to grasp what people like while keeping the current trending topics in mind. If you’re looking to jump-start your follower count, buy Tumblr followers at

Within the platform, you have the ability to search for posts that directly relate to your business or brand. Have you discovered a niche market? If not, you want to do so quickly. The content in which can be found within your niche market displays all accounts similar to yours, those who publish the most popular content, and so on. From there you can engage or simply just observe from afar.

If you are looking to gravitate closer to your audience, take a few minutes daily to respond and interact. Sharing also called “re-blogging” is a great way to interact as well. Try a few different post types and find which works best for you. Experiment with pictures, videos, gifs, paraphrases, and other engaging acts.

In 2013, Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report for Q3 reported that Tumblr is #1 social network for brands.

Enhance Your Skills

If you are building your brand from scratch or try to boost sales, you’ll typically find yourself learning the skills of an all-in-one team. You are your own publicist, marketer, and spokesperson. Tumblr offers useful features you can get creative with all in which you’ll learn to adapt to its functionalities.

The platform is desktop and mobile-friendly, making your site 100% convenient for all of your digital visitors.

Best of all, with Tumblr you can create multiple blogs within your account. Does your industry or niche market have several avenues from within? Then you are able to engage and post within many, without over-saturating one account with varying content.

Do you like to get creative? Tumblr offers the feature to utilize a business theme. Different from all of the other popular platforms, Tumblr supports customized modifications. If you want to stand out from your industry’s competition, create or hire a designer to apply a professional-looking theme.

Advertise Your Brand

Now that you are your own promotion team, you will need to brush up on your marketing skills. There are several ways marketers can use social media like Tumblr for advertising.

Advertising posts: Such posts appear and operate as regular posts and pictures on Tumblr, with one exception. That being that users do not have to follow you. Your sponsored post will on dashboards of other users amongst their regular feed. You are able to utilize Tumblr’s posts for audience which is targeted by social indicators.

Video posts: Sponsored videos function the same as regular posts. The difference is the sponsored video will repeatedly play on a continuous loop.

Sponsored Day: Tumblr allows creatives like yourself to utilize cross-platform advertising. On top of its dashboard, you have an opportunity to pin tagline and logo which will be visible for 24 hours and this will link to the explore page.

You will have the opportunity to use your own posts, reblog them, or both. Whatever it may be you can put on display, you have the dashboard to do so, all 24 hours long.

Collaborations: Pair up with an influencer or brand, feature them on your page, and vice versa. Ask to see their analytics to ensure they have an active following. Once your collaboration campaign is posted, it will generate a new wave of business.

Influencer: If pairing up is not for you, find influencers who receive engagement from their supporters. Influencers have the power of directing an audience of people to your blog or website. In turn, you will receive sales or new followers. The influencers who would best benefit you would be of those within your industry. For example, if you are in the health and wellness industry, find a fitness guru. Specifically, a guru with a substantial following which helps you to promote business.

With the endless opportunities, your brand will perform well in Tumblr for business as long as you have engaging content, market well, and build a large following.