Defined as an application programmatic interface, Google address API plays a key role when it comes to processing postal addresses. It collects and processes all postal addresses. Address APIs come in different types. The most common ones include validate, standardize, and normalize address-based data APIs. While other APIs are designed to hunt for addresses in official databases, other APIs will search for ZIP Codes and append the ZIP codes to their respective address data. In a nutshell, Address API helps you find locations and places easily. In this guide, you learn about different types of APIs.

Address Validation APIs

The main purpose of the address validation APIs is to check addresses to ascertain if they are present in the official address database. This API is designed to programmatically check addresses and establish if they are valid (i.e. if it’s contained in the database). The best part; Address Validation API can validate 10,000+ addresses in a single second. Remember, different countries have different databases. For instance, Canada Post is for Canada, Royal Post for the UK, France boasts with La Poste, and Deutsche Post if for German. These databases can only be accessed via Address Validation APIs.

USPS Address Validation API

The official US address database is managed by the USPS. Even more, the information in their database is readily accessible. However, accessing the database through its API is highly efficient. Even more, third party suppliers can create their APIs via the USPS data.

Google Address Validation API

Google is one of the most popular Address APIs. However, Google doesn’t validate addresses. This means that it doesn’t check the address you submit against the official address in the database. They only give you the best approximate location (if it exists). Plus, Google API comes with some conditions. They include:

  • The logo, as well as copyright notices, must be visible
  • You must Display the phrase “powered by Google”

Address Standardization APIs

The process of altering addresses to abide by the standards of USPS is known as address standardization. In other words, address standardization is used to modify the address to adhere to another country’s official postal based format. Google API doesn’t validate addresses. Thus, you need to use the address standardization APIs.


Another common type of API is the USPS ZIP Code APIs. Capable of performing a myriad of tasks, this API has so much to offer. From verifying the affixed ZIP code, appending ZIP codes to incomplete addresses, to augmenting the ZIP code address, ZIP Code APIs have so much to offer. If you are looking for a dependable address API,  check out this zip code API.

Other APIs           

The following are other common types of address APIs:

The Bottom-Line

Technology is making life easy. In particular, the invention of address APIs has made it easy to find postal addresses and places. So, if you haven’t invested in address API, you are missing a lot. The above guide contains all things address API—including common types of address APIs.