Receive Higher Quality Tele-learning with the Learnie App


There was a time when online learning was reserved for specialized skills like web design, but the current pandemic has changed that. Nearly all schools are now online schools, with students engaging in virtual learning that looks a lot like homeschooling.

It’s tough on parents and tough on educators, but it’s also necessary to ensure we prevent unnecessary harm to the population at large. Unfortunately, this new system of online schools is shining a light on the lack of quality in tele-learning. Sure, online courses of a specialized variety work just fine, but when you’re talking about moving global learning online, you’re going to need a much better system to make it work on that scale.

learnie app

The Learnie app is a great start. It’s a new type of learning that allows for super easy, fast and engaging video learning across virtually any topic. Engaging attention is the key element that will see online schools succeed. Learnie has designed a system built on this concept. In its essence, Learnie is a social tool and sharing platform that allows teachers, tutors, etc. to share their knowledge with the world at large.

The system is built around the concept of learning bursts. Each lesson has the student engage with the video or answer a question every 30 seconds. So, it goes like this: a student watches a video on a particular topic with relevant information that they need to learn. At the end of that video there’s a pop-up question that they must answer in order to move on. It’s fun, it’s engaging and most of all, it’s helping the student retain the important information.

This is a direct contrast to long-winded classes that see the student drowning in boredom. The key is to not talk at the student but with the student. Students can even use the chat feature to ask questions and get answers from the teacher.

Learnie is accessible not only by computer but as a mobile app as well. This makes online courses and online schools a lot more accessible as kids who don’t have a computer but have an Android or iPhone can still engage in virtual learning.

If online schools can keep students engaged, this new system might work. If they can’t then this will look like global homeschooling and will overwhelm parents. Learnie is a great way to allows students to participate with online schools and online courses.

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