Water Filtration System for Healthy Drinking Water – RKIN

Consumer Update

Pure, clean drinking water is an essential component in maintaining or even achieving a healthy body. At least 60% of your body is made up of water. In fact, you can last around three weeks without food, but you wouldn’t last more than four days without water. So needless to say, water is vital.

That doesn’t mean everyone has access to clean drinking water. Even developed areas are pushing water through the tap that isn’t safe to drink. While measures need to be taken on a city planning level to provide clean drinking water, there are things we can be doing in our own home to make sure our water is safe for consumption.

You can start with a basic water filter or water filtration system. I’d suggest the Zero Installation Purifier from RKIN. This bad boy was designed to be much more than a water filter. It uses reverse osmosis tech to transform ordinary tap water into pure, healthy drinking water. As a bonus, the water tastes so much better after going through the reverse osmosis process. That offers motivation to drink tons of water every day.

Reverse osmosis is a system that uses a permeable membrane to weed out things like chlorine, sediments and other particles and elements you don’t want making their way into your body via water.

Now if you’re worried about space, don’t. The Zero Installation Purifier fits on your countertop and under most kitchen sinks without the need for customizing the clearance around it. You won’t have to mess with clunky installation either, like with messy hoses or leaky diverter valves.

The easy-change filters and sleek design make it one of the easiest-to-own water filters that you’ll find. Now, if you’re looking for a water filtration system that filters water that runs through the entire house, not just your faucet, RKIN offers a solution for that too.

The Whole House Water System is a workhorse that filters out sediment, chlorine and by-products of contemporary water systems. This ensures all of the water that flows through your house is filtered, not just the water you drink. It also helps protect appliances and plumbing from harmful build-up. That way you keep them running longer and don’t have to replace so often.

Clean and pure drinking water are essential to your health and the RKIN water filter and water filtration system line offers the most robust and easy-to-install solutions around. You can peruse their systems including the Zero Installation Purifier at RKIN.com.