It is well-known that many gamblers have their lucky numbers. Whether this happens due to frequent wins when betting on the same number, or because the fortune-teller guessed it, is unknown. Although all the owners of lucky numbers can explain their attachment to certain numbers, the statistical theory does not allow their existence when playing roulette. So, is it worth relying on your luck or rethink your attitude to lucky numbers – let’s find the answers!

The Story of Chris Boyd

The Englishman Chris Boyd is remembered for the fact that in the 90s, after three years of accumulating $220.000, he went to the casino exclusively to play roulette. Since there was no possibility to play online roulette at that time, he went to Las Vegas, the place of the best gambling and high stakes. Since he wanted to bet the entire available amount of money, many casinos refused him. Only Binion’s Horseshoe Casino accepted the terms of a computer genius.

In this casino, there was simply no 00 symbol on the roulette wheel, which indicates a casino advantage of 2.7%. The casino management agreed to increase the allowed limit to $100,000, so Boyd could place a $220,000 bet. After a small warm-up, the entire amount in the red/black bet was wagered on red. The ball landed on 7 red and Boyd won the largest amount at that time. Then he had a party and vowed to never play roulette again.

The Story of Ashley Revel

Boyd’s follower Ashley Revel also became a roulette hero. He certainly did not spend years accumulating the required amount. Ashley did it easier: he sold all his property, namely his house, car, furniture, and clothes. Having received $135,300 for it, he also went to Las Vegas. His performance was followed by reporters on the Sky One television channel, making the story of his victory quickly public.

Ashley Revel risked everything. After all, in addition to losing money, he could simply become a homeless person because he did not have a home or anything else. But when he got to the casino, he made a bet on red, and the ball stopped at 7 red. Following Boyd’s example, Revel made a big victory celebration.

In Conclusion

These two similar stories convince many players that 7 reds are definitely lucky numbers. The legendary British guys, of course, did not bet exactly on 7 red but for some reason in both cases, the 7 red became the reason for winning at roulette.

Whether or not to use this number or any other as a successful one is exclusively your right. However, we would like to emphasize once again that statistics do not allow lucky numbers in roulette. So, consider all the pros and cons before making the final choice. Good luck!