It’s far easier to get into debt than out of it, but the internet is one of the most valuable, free tools you have at your disposal. While no one can magically erase any money you owe, you can use the internet to access valuable resources and services that make your debt recovery process a little easier. These are three services you can access right now that will help you regroup after acquiring debt. Assessing your debt now, rather than avoiding it for years on end, will allow you to finally start confronting the problem head-on. It can be intimidating to acknowledge just how much you owe. For people with six figures of debt, time is imperative to avoid being trapped in an endless cycle of monthly payments and lofty interest. Get started with these free internet resources for improving your credit score and getting out of debt.

Credit Counseling

Free credit counseling services help people assess their finances and learn better money management skills. If you pay for a professional credit counselor, they can also act on your behalf as a representative, contacting creditors and loan lenders to negotiate consolidations, lower payments and waive fees. A good place to start is the NFCC. This organization offers counseling for a variety of services including emergency credit card relief, homeowner debt, foreclosure prevention and bankruptcy counseling.

Loan Refinancing

Refinancing allows you to stay current on your loans while saving money every month. While it does often require extending the length of your loan and transferring to a new lender, it can provide the breathing room you need to free up money each month and stop falling behind on bills. One of the easiest assets to refinance is your car loan. Refinancing your car online takes less than 20 seconds to apply and presents you with several different savings packages from different companies. You can review exactly how much you’ll save from each option over the course of your loan. There’s no cost, obligation or credit pull, so you can explore this option without stressing about the consequences. You can also consider refinancing your mortgage or other loans that have gotten too difficult to pay in their current state. Remember that it is in your lenders’ best interest to cooperate with you; adjusting your payments to fit your budget is the only way they can guarantee they’ll receive the money they’re owed.

Budgeting Apps

Apps like Mint, You Need a Budget, and Simple can all help you get serious about your finances. You may think you already are serious, but if you are stuck in the same cycle and unable to earn or save, apps can help. They can remind you when payments are coming up, help you review the effect of a purchase before you make it and become more conscious of how you spend your money. These apps are also owned by companies that run helpful blogs that promote strong financial health and prosperity. Rather than just maintaining your current salary, they want to help you learn how to maximize your income and grow.