Amazon Prime Day

By: Nick Gambino

Amazon’s annual sales event that promises deals, deals, deals on various items from their vast inventory was delayed in July because of you-know-what. Now it looks like they’re going to hold Prime Day on October 13th and 14th, according to The Verge.

The news comes from an internal email from the retail giant that was peeped by The Verge. We haven’t received any sort of official announcement or confirmation from Amazon, but the email apparently says we’ll hear from them officially on Sunday, September 27th. Insider information on yet another email, this time to warehouse workers, states that they won’t be able to submit for time off between October 13th and October 20th. That’s a pretty good sign that the aforementioned dates are accurate.

It’s not particularly surprising seeing as though there’s no way the Jeff Bezos’ led company was going to cancel the hugely popular event altogether. We already knew the plan was to hold Prime Day in the 4th quarter of 2020, perceivably when the chaos died down (good luck with that).

Amazon’s other big sales day, as well as the rest of the retail world, is Black Friday, so November was out of the question. Then there’s Christmas and so you can strike December from the options. That leaves October if you want Prime Day to stand alone and act as separate from everything else, giving it its due reverence.

Prime Day typically lasts two days and brings in billions to the online marketplace, thanks to savings across innumerable categories. My experience is that you’ve got to dig for the diamonds or at least wait for them to show up in Lightning Deals. Virtually every seller on Amazon has a chance to participate in Prime Day, so there are plenty of sub-par deals or those that aren’t even worth it. But be patient and you’ll see the occasional unicorn galloping across the screen.

If the reports about internal emails are to be believed, we should get confirmation on the mid-October dates this Sunday. So look out for that if you’re anxiously awaiting Prime Day to buy that Cardi B-themed egg cooker.