The Best Way to Stretch – IdealStretch

Consumer Update

Stretching is vital if you want to obtain a wide range of motion and keep your muscles and tissues long and lean. And who wouldn’t? The problem is, stretching seems simple and straight-forward, but people do it wrong all the time. Bad neck and arm stretches can cause real problems, and even incorrect neck stretches can do their part in causing bodily damage.

I don’t say this to scare you but to motivate you in finding the best way to perform arm, back, neck stretches, etc. IdealStretch is a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for an aid to proper stretching that isn’t a quick yoga stretch YouTube video.

Ideal Stretch

IdealStretch is an ideal stretching aid that allows you to complete full stretches with the best positioning for the absolute best results. When we’re talking about “best positions” for stretching, we’re talking about on your back where no pressure is being placed on your spine. This way it allows you to stretch your hamstrings, lower back and core without undue pain and strain on your back.

One thing I like about the IdealStretch is its lightweight metal frame and heavy-duty mesh construction. This is what makes this non-band stretch a lot more durable and stable than other band stretch aids on the market. In fact, it actually does a lot more than a band stretch you find so many people using. The unique design allows for variety and more precise targeting, allowing you to stretch your hamstrings, calves, knees and lower back with ease, all while improving your posture and alleviating disc pressure. Take that, simplistic yoga stretch.

The brilliant minds behind the IdealStretch also developed the IdealStretch Wedge that slips onto the vertical parts of the footrest, allowing you to flex your ankle toward your shin for a deeper calf, Achilles and plantar stretch.

So you can keep doing those quick neck stretches and arm shake-outs before you work out, praying that it’s doing something for you, but you’re much better off investing in something that was designed to give you the full stretch regimen you need to improve your physical health. A daily active lifestyle almost requires it. There’s no reason you have to keep living with daily pain because of lack of stretching. IdealStretch can get you started on the right path with the assistance you need.

You can pick up your own IdealStretch and IdealStretch Wedge by visiting their website at