The Best Range Finder App – BEEZER GOLF


Golf is one of the most relaxing games ever invented. There’s a reason so many take up golf as a way to calm their mind and find their center. That being said, a friendly game of golf comes with its share of stressors that threaten to ruin a nice zen afternoon on the greens.

Picture this: you’ve played a nice game of golf with some buddies and you’re ready to settle the score. Suddenly, there’s a disagreement. Now things are getting heated. Add money into the mix and you’ve got an all-out war. This is a recipe for disaster. What you need is a digital scorecard, preferably in the form of an app. You need something like BEEZER GOLF.

The BEEZER GOLF app offers a flexible scorecard that makes it super easy to keep score as you make your way through 18 holes with a group of friends. The scorecard seamlessly tracks everything you’ll need including scores, handicaps and even side games. Throw in side games and things usually get confusing, but not with the BEEZER GOLF app. It’s a great way to keep things organized, allowing you to focus on your game.

The interface is super easy to navigate, making it even easier. This helpful app also keeps track of your golf stats like drives, recoveries, greens in regulation, putting, scores, etc. And while all of that is pretty cool, I think the best feature is, what is in its essence, golf GPS. You know exactly where you’re going after you’ve hit the golf ball. So it’s also a range finder app that includes the ability to track with GPS.

It’s easy to get lost but with this range finder app or golf GPS, with more than 38,000 golf courses, you can navigate between holes with no problem, knowing exactly where you are at any time. Being able to track with GPS separates this from our grandfathers’ games.

All of that would be impressive, but there’s still more to the BEEZER GOLF app. The scorecard, range finder app, also includes an extensive golf games library with over 20 golf games available. So if you’re looking to start some interesting side games, this app will help you out.

With the ability to track with GPS, use the range finder app function and keep score, including side games, you’ll be set.

Take the stress out of the game and download BEEZER GOLF in the App Store today.