Improve Employee Efficiency with DeveLoop

Biz Report

Online learning platforms are a great way for employees to become more efficient at their jobs and thus add to the overall efficiency of the company. This is especially important in the current climate when employees are required to be as efficient as possible in order to maximize productivity from afar and on reduced hours.

Sproutlogix’s AI technology platform, DeveLoop, provides businesses with all the resources they need to upskill employees and align them to their unique business goals. This software for business is, in its essence, an AI capability accelerator. It helps identify the weaknesses and strengths in individual employees and then takes appropriate steps to help improve or strengthen. As far as online learning platforms, you can’t get any better than this.

DeveLoop is not merely a cookie-cutter solution that addresses every organization as if it were the same entity. Instead, it looks at the organization as its own individual entity that needs online course platforms that apply to its unique situation.

“Sproutlogix was built on how can we address the challenges that are currently existing, but really also work with organizations to figure out what it is they need going further,” CEO of Sproutlogix, Mona Shah says.

DeveLoop focuses on employee performance as it applies to the intended business output. If the business is a road and you have cars driving all over the place, while others are at a standstill, nobody is going to get anywhere and you have chaos, not organization.

This upskill software for business identifies skill gaps and provides customizable solutions to improve through various tools like surveys, assessments, and other analytical tools. Unlike other online course platforms aimed at business, when the employee first signs into DeveLoop, they take part in an exercise that establishes a baseline from which to compare his or her performance over time. This identifies various competencies like innovation and problem-solving.

A personalized journey is created based on this initial assessment. The employee’s manager and any other relevant employees or mentors are added to the journey. This journey is chockful of educational and inspirational resources that outshines many other online course platforms out there. The employee makes their way through these resources and action learning tasks. Feedback is provided by others on the journey to help them along the way. At the end a final assessment is conducted to see how they’ve improved.

Online learning platforms don’t always customize the experience for the individual employee while also taking into consideration how they fit into the overall goals of the company. DeveLoop does all that and more. Find out more about this innovative software for business by visiting