Delicious Snacks from Marinela

Consumer Update

Remember when you were a kid and your mom or dad would let you buy one of those delicious sweet snacks from the corner store? You would pull back the wrapper and take a big bite out of one of those snacks for kids and you were in heaven. Well, that kind of bliss doesn’t have to be relegated to a childhood memory. There are companies still producing top-notch sweet snacks for kids and adults to satiate that sweet tooth of yours.

Marinela is probably one of the best out there with their line of sweets that’ll have you feeling like a kid again. There’s a good chance that if you were ever a kid (read: everyone), then you know the Marinela brand. It all started with the Gansito way back in 1957. The idea was to create wrapped snacks that could be enjoyed anytime and anywhere by anyone. Convenience meets deliciousness – not a bad combo.

These popular Gansito sweet cake snacks for kids were synonymous with “delicious.” If you don’t remember them, allow me to jog your memory. They were those rectangular chocolate-covered snacks with the strawberry and crème filling? That was the Gansito, and it was Marinela’s first foray into packaged snacks, but not their last.

From that one popular Gansito treat, they expanded into a number of other sweet snacks for kids that likewise grew in popularity amongst sweet lovers of all ages. Soon, you could find Barritas, Choco Roles, and Submarinos everywhere, with the Marinela logo front and center.

Marinela cookies

Now they’ve got Marinela Pinguinos cookies, an offshoot of their popular Pinguinos snack. These delicious sandwich cookies are filled with crème and coated in yumminess. Once you get a taste of Marinela Pinguinos, just the thought of it will make your mouth water. I’m telling you. There’s nothing like it when it comes to wrapped cookies at an affordable price.

Today, Marinela snacks are churning out at a mad rate just to meet the worldwide demand. They’re so popular, in fact, they have to make them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in their South American factories. That’s the only way they can keep up and satisfy the cravings of their global fans.

If you’re looking to buy Marinela Pinguinos, the world-famous Gansito or any other of their delicious sweet snacks, head over to and search for the retailer closest to you. Your inner child who loves these snacks for kids will thank you.