Handle Your Own Customs Clearance with eezyimport

Biz Report

There are numerous U.S. Customs laws that make importing a nightmare, especially for small businesses. But often they have no choice but to jump through the hoops necessary to get their shipment.

It doesn’t have to be a hassle.

eezyimport makes handling your own customs clearance as easy as sending your mail.
You can do it right from your phone, tablet or computer.

The whole thing was designed with the small importer in mind.

Simply sign up for eezyimport once and then let the eezyflow system glide you through your ISF filing in a matter of minutes.

Repeat shipments can have you all set and ready to go in mere seconds. If you run into a snag, as can happen when you’re cutting through wads of red tape, there’s a super helpful support team on hand to help you out.

So, DIY customs is possible! Just follow the “eezy” flow, and save time and money essential for your business to grow.

Join the community of independent importers who already chose the “eezy way”!

You can find out more about this easy system and sign up by going to eezyimport.com.