Tactspace is Introducing Sensory Messaging

Consumer Update

In a world designed for personal interaction, we are relying more and more on digital forms of communication. While email and texting have its place, we long for the closeness found in “touch”.

TactSpace is taking digital chatting to a whole new level by introducing a new experience called Sensory Messaging.

Unlike a conventional TEXT message, when you send a friend a TACT, they can actually feel your message on their phone.

In this new chatting space, you can attach animated TactTiles that allow you to reach out and touch others, using their phone vibrator.

Once both parties download the TactSpace app, they can “Friend” each other and start sending TACT messages.

You can choose from a library of TactTiles, like a Beating Heart that says “I Love You” or a Launching Rocket that says “On My Way!”. You can even create your own using the TactStudio!

Download TactSpace on Google Play now. And, if you volunteer for the User Group, you’ll be given a year-long access to TactStudio.

The first 50 volunteers will also receive a $25 gift card after a short phone interview for customer feedback.

Find out more about this revolutionary way to chat by visiting TactSpace.com.