Declutter Your Cable Mess with the BlueLounge CableBox

Consumer Update

With the number of devices, gadgets, and other electronic equipment taking up space in our living room, bedroom, or home office, there’s an increasing mess of wires looking for a home. I’ve got enough devices in my living room to open up a BestBuy and am constantly looking for a cable management solution to tuck those cords away and out of sight. Well, I found one.

BlueLounge’s CableBox is one of the most user-friendly cord hider options on the market today. This rad cable management solution for that cluttered mess of cables in your home or office is a quick and easy install. You’ll have the cord hider in place in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to unplug the surge protector or power strip. Just drop everything into the CableBox, close the lid and you’re done. It’s a perfect solution to a nasty problem. Cable organization has never been so easy.

I’m a sucker for ease, and the prospect of not having to deal with cable ties and other annoying cable organization solutions is too good to pass up. With so many cables emanating from so many devices in one concentrated spot, there’s bound to be a spike in heat.

With other cord hiders, especially those that are jerry-rigged, there might be a concern that the heat would melt or damage it. CableBox is made from high-density flame-retardant plastic for peace of mind, so you’ll never have to worry about the heat affecting it. There’s also a large ventilation opening on either side of the CableBox allowing heat to escape.

And, just because this is the best cord hider on the market, it includes rubber feet that prevent it from slipping around. This little convenient feature is especially helpful on non-carpeted floors.

This easy-to-install cable organization box is the perfect solution for that bird’s nest of cables behind your computer or TV at home or in the office. If you’re a gamer, you’re really going to find a lot of uses for this neat little guy.

You can choose between the CableBox, CableBox Mini or the CableBox Mini Station, all of which come in multiple color options.

BlueLounge includes a ton of other products meant to help with cable management including CableDrops (a lifesaver in my home), Cable Ties, and Cable Clips.

Head over to to pick up all the convenient tools you need to fix that overcluttered mess caused by all those cables and wires.