Rock a Bun, Sauces or Tomato Designs on Your Socks with Burger Socks

Consumer Update

Do you have a friend or loved one who loves burgers? Do they also love socks? Then we’ve found the perfect gift that will blow their socks off.

Burger Socks by Rainbow Socks are a hilarious gift for any wacky sock lover with a penchant for juicy burgers.

Now, these aren’t simply a single pair of socks made to look like a burger.

No, Burger Socks are so much more.

Your gift comes in a box like you might find in a to-go container at a burger joint.

When they open up the box they’re in for real a surprise – a perfectly displayed array of socks embroidered with each of the ingredients of a burger and stacked to look like a burger ready to eat.

These high-quality, combed cotton socks include tomato designs, onion, sauces, bun, and of course the burger itself.

Beyond their obviously humorous and wacky design, Burger Socks offer a comfortable hold on your feet thanks to the soft yarn used to weave them.

Whether you’re looking to surprise a friend with a unique gift or are yourself a wacky sock connoisseur, you can purchase yours today, search for “Rainbow Socks” on Amazon, or head to