Helping Pets and Their Parents Lead Happier and More Peaceful Lives

Consumer Update

Ask any pet parent and we’ll tell you our little fur babies are members of the family. Their mental and physical health is extremely important and can affect us all.

Pets who experience pain or anxiety need the same comfort we seek. But unlike us humans, they can’t provide it for themselves.

The Anxious Pet is dedicated to helping solve these problems, helping pets and pet parents live happier, more peaceful lives, together.

Their proprietary line of products is veterinarian formulated, lab tested and made from quality all-natural ingredients… some certified organic.

The Anxious Pet’s Calming Soft Chews are a great addition to your pet’s daily routine, they contain all-natural and lab-tested ingredients like melatonin, chamomile, and turmeric, to help calm your pup without making them lethargic.

They also come as a bar to help remove the edge when you’re on the go.

The Anxious Pet also offers a number of other products like hip and joint bars and soft chews.

With a full assortment of products to help your pet, along with great customer service to help guide you — The Anxious Pet provides much-needed stress relief for pets and their parents.