Give Someone a Salon-Quality Cut with the DIY Hair Cutting Tool, CombPal

Consumer Update

Scissors are an essential tool in achieving a more stylish, natural haircut. Clippers offer a more freshly shaved look and all but highlight the fact that you just got a haircut.

Whether you cut hair for a living or are looking to cut your own to save money, check out the CombPal.


This scissor clipper over comb tool, designed by a professional hairstylist, makes for faster and easier haircuts thanks to the variable length guards that keep a consistent length and angle.

You no longer have to eyeball the length or depend on a pedestrian comb that loses its consistency around the dome of your head.

With the CombPal you’ll know exactly how much to cut, when, and where to stop cutting.

This helpful tool comes with 7 guides starting at a quarter-inch to 2 and a half inches and is available in black, gray, and yellow. There is an optional Jumbo Guide 3” and 3-1/2” for longer-length hairstyles, especially for woman’s haircuts.

The scissor clipper over comb technique is used by all the professionals and is even preferred by the best.

With the CombPal, cutting hair is no longer a guessing game. You can now keep it consistent 100% of the time.

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