Hands-Free and Stress-Free Drying for You and Your Pet

Tech Report

Drying your dog is super important if you want to avoid that wet dog smell that seems to permeate everything and last forever. A towel will get you about halfway there, but it never completely gets the job done. What you need is a dryer designed specifically for pets.

What you need is the DUZ Hands-Free Dryer.

Offering hands-free and stress-free drying, this lightweight dryer allows you to use your hands to brush or towel down your pet while the warm air goes to work removing moisture from their coat.

A blow dryer just isn’t ideal because it doesn’t give you the full use of both of your hands.

DUZ has three different fan speeds and four heat settings, so you can control the airflow and temperature depending on your furry friend’s coat and heat preference.

You can even switch it to “cool wind” if your pet doesn’t like the heat.

The 360-degree flexible hose makes it easy and convenient to place the dryer in the ideal position for optimal drying.

And the quiet motor is ideal for not frightening your little friend.

The DUZ Dryer is a multi-purpose machine, perfect for drying more than just your pets.

It works on clothes, shoes and, well, people. Set it on the table or the floor and let it work its magic.