Experience the Enterprise Cloud Evolution with Infince

Biz Report

Are you thinking of starting a service business? These days, every business needs a lot of internet capabilities.

There’s no easier way to get your email, website, and collaboration tools set up and running quickly than with Infince.com.

Infince makes it simple and economical for any business, non-profit, or municipality to give every employee their own virtual desktop with the software tools and video meeting options they need.


Both the Infince workspace, and the included mobile app, are customized to display the logo, colors, and domain of the business.

CRM, marketing automation, or other specialized business software can be activated with a click of a button.

Infince lets your teamwork from home or with their phone as easily as from the office, with all their files at their fingertips. All they need is a browser and an internet connection.

Because no business information is stored on a user’s device, a business’s information assets remain highly secure.

Your employees will thank you. With a single login, they have access to all the applications and data they need.

No more password hell. Should they need technical assistance, it’s available from the support team with just a click.

Infince is way easier to manage and cheaper to run than pulling together software on your own.

On Infince.com, even the software from other developers comes pre-configured so that it is ready-to-use and tied into the Infince login.

Learn more at our website: infince.com.